Christmas 2020🎄

It’s Christmas! Time to spend with your family, indulging in plenty of wine, drinks and food. Normally, I’m shopping up until Christmas Eve, sharing presents with everyone and driving around the country to see family. Christmas spirit is flowing and it’s the best time of year! For me, Christmas times are some of my best memories.

COVID-19 had changed my plans slightly, but, like so many, I was determined to end the year on a high. I read up on the guidance, I planned everything meticulously and was I was looking forward to my 5 days of 3 households getting together. I’d planned everything so that I could keep in the 5 days and make sure I saw people who I hadn’t seen in months. I’d been looking forward to it for months, whilst working away. For weeks, I’ve been scouring the internet to complete all of my shopping online (there’s still time for that home experiences gift for those of us who aren’t organised!).

But, Boris changed his mind again and now I’m in a tier 4 area. It all happened very quickly. On Friday, I was tier 2 and within a few hours, everything had changed and I was plummeted into the toughest restrictions. The kind of restrictions we’d only seen in the first National Lockdown. Even if we weren’t in tier 4, there’s no way I could see everyone on the one and only day you’re allowed to. I understand why. I’ve read about the data and science behind the choices. 567,000 people had coronavirus last week in England, a rise of more than 80,000 people from the week before. And, there seems to be a new super contagious strain (or not so new). But, I don’t mind admitting I had a little cry when Boris announced the changes to Christmas bubbles.

However, I’m determined not to let coronavirus and the restrictions in place ruin Christmas! COVID-19 has done enough damage this year. Santa can still arrive and I can still see family, all be it virtually. Christmas is far from cancelled!

With the news that BoJo won’t rule out a January lockdown for England, it’s more important to me than ever that Christmas is a time to indulge, spend time with my loved ones and take part in a little self care. Therefore, I’ve stocked up on some baking supplies, and using my new found baking skills from Lockdown 1, I’ve got some tasty mince pies and a Yule log. I’ve got some wine, Irish cream and Buck’s Fizz for a special Christmas breakfast. I appreciate my family and friends even more than ever and I know they’re on FaceTime when I call. Still, I can’t wait until we can actually see them, but I know this will keep them safe.

It’s not the same. But, it’s still got the best parts of Christmas: family, friends and some edible treats! Christmas isn’t cancelled. It’s just different.

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