What is Qigong?

Qigong experiences are now available from Home Experiences! But what is qigong?

Firstly, it is pronounced (chee-gong), and it is an ancient Chinese exercise and healing technique. It is not just for your body though, qigong also soothes the mind.

As well as both of them originating from China, you may recognise many similarities between qigong and tai chi, although there are some distinct differences. Tai chi is a martial art, like judo or karate, whereas qigong is a wider term that encompasses the working of ‘vital’ energy in your body.

Rather than having a base in physical combat, qigong is developed from a direct approach to improve health and wellness. It is designed to heal and relax both the body and mind. Many of the movements are less complex than tai chi, and you are more likely to find variations in these movements between different practices. In fact, tai chi can be considered as a form of qigong but qigong is not a form of tai chi.

The translation of the name qigong sheds some more light on its understanding. Qi (or chi) represents air and rice, symbolising how air provides the body with oxygen, and rice provides the body with fuel. Whilst Gong (or kung) translates to a skill that can be developed through practice. From this, we can understand qigong as a mastery of the flow of energy in our bodies, allowing us to heal, soothe and harness our natural energy sources.

All in all, this makes qigong the perfect antidote for the stress of life in 2020. In a time when phones and technology have translated to workdays that never end, brains that never switch off and the development of unhealthy, hunched over and stiff bodies that suffer the consequences of endless office work and Netflix binges. Qigong provides some much needed relief, in the form of an ancient practice that can help you to take a breath, disconnect and recharge.

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