Private Yoga Experience Gift Voucher

Private Yoga Experience Gift Voucher

1x Gift Voucher


Enjoy a private yoga class with our experienced instructor, Maja, over Zoom, by yourself or with up to 5 friends.


Maja will provide you with alignment cues and instruction over Zoom, or if you prefer you can keep your video and microphone off and just follow along with her. 


If you are interested in Yoga, or know somebody that is, this is the perfect way to start your journey from the comfort and safety of your own home. More experienced yogis have the advantage of private tuition, to have a tailor-made class for them.


Whether you are an inflexible office worker, looking for a bit of exercise and some inner peace or an extra-bendy athlete that enjoys a strength based challenge, Maja will tailor the class towards you.



  • Return Policy

    Fully refundable before booking.

    After booking, the provider may work with you to allow for any cancellations, changes.


You reserve the right to refund your voucher for up to a year.

Once you book a time and date for your experience, you are no longer guaranteed a refund.

To claim a refund please contact us via the contact page or email us at

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