Our Return Policy

You have the right to a refund, anytime before you book the time and date for your experience, or up to 14 days prior to the booked date. If you would like to return your voucher or cancel a booking please contact us via the contact page.

If you book an experience within 14 days of it occurring you waive your right to any cancellation, however, you may or may not be able to work with our provider to change the date/time of your booking after 14 days.

Any goods that you receive by delivery as part of your experience are eligible for return or exchange from 14 days of receiving them, if faulty. However, you may only be eligible for the return of the cost of the goods and not necessarily the service, if provided. Goods must be returned within 14 days one receiving them.

Refunds will not include the 2.9% + £0.20 booking fee.

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Our Privacy Policy

Any data that you provide to Home Experiences with will be kept secure, accurate and up to date.

Any of your information that is collected by Home Experiences will only be used to contact you about matters relating to your purchase, or to make deliveries of goods that are provided as part of your purchase. We will also share any of your data with our experience provider, that is necessary to fulfil your experience or delivery of goods.

You have the right to see any of the information that we hold about you and to correct it if it is wrong. You can also request that your data is deleted or is not used for certain purposes. To do this, please contact us through our contact us page.

Data that you give us will not be stored for a period longer than necessary. However, if you create an account with us we will store the data for a reasonable period to allow you to access it, unless you decide to close your account.

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Terms and Conditions

By booking a time and date for an experience (online streaming service), you will lose your guaranteed 14 day right to cancel. We will do our best to work with the provider to provide a change of date or cancellation within 14 days, but it is not guaranteed.


You may cancel your booking at any time outside of 14 days of the experience, or at any time prior to booking a specific time and date.

All services and vouchers must be booked within 12 months of purchase. If you do not book within this time, you will lose your right to book or be refunded.

You must be 18 or over to purchase or partake in any alcohol related experience.